Allergen controlTM

Allergen controlTM is the one and only allergen control and management program on the market that provides a distinctive, secure, and certified mark of conformity for consumers and industries.

What’s new about the program?

  • A wholly reinvented, restructured, and modernized program that integrates the latest advances in terms of allergen control and analysis.
  • A program with an international reach.
  • New training and on-site support services for companies.
  • Peace of mind and guaranteed safety for consumers suffering from allergies.
  • Highly secure company requirements designed to avoid product recalls related to the presence of allergens.
  • The only certification that involves the use of a certified conformity logo.
  • The only program aimed at controlling allergen contamination risks that’s endorsed by government authorities, industries, and field specialists.
  • A simplified program that’s more accessible and compatible with other norms.
  • Compatibility of requirements with those of recognized food safety benchmarks.
  • Possible combination of the certification audit with other food safety audits, such as the HACCP or GFSI.
  • Sampling plan that takes into consideration the history of previous results.
  • Simplified management of raw material suppliers. • Promotional services to choose from.