Allergen Control™


The program offers optimal control over allergens at every step of the food transformation process, thanks to:

  • A rigorous method of risk evaluation performed at every step
  • The most up-to-date scientific knowledge in the field of food allergen control and detection
  • Products testing
  • An annual certification audit conducted by an independent third party

By getting your certification,  you will be able to differentiate your business, avoid product recalls linked to the presence of allergens, and infiltrate new markets.

An international program on the leading edge of technology

In order to handle the general market demand as well as the needs of consumers suffering from allergies and seeking safe, high-quality food, the Allergy Quebec team has completely overhauled its certification program.

The Allergen ControlTM certification program has been entirely restructured in order to facilitate its accessibility to member companies, while simultaneously making it even safer for consumers to enjoy allergen-free products. To this end, Allergy Quebec has added services, revised the pricing system, and maximized the compatibility of their requirements with that of other recognised food safety benchmarks. The program reform has also been undertaken in an effort to simplify and update all of the certification requirements by revising them according to the latest advances in the field of food safety. The adopted requirements ensure that the most recent laws and regulations related to worldwide food safety are duly implemented.

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Ensuring your safety

In spite of constantly evolving food safety standards, the Allergen ControlTM certification program is the only program specifically targeting the management and control of allergens that is certified by a third party and that provides consumers with a distinctive mark of conformity in the form of a logo on the product packaging itself.

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8 Allergens Targeted by the Certification

The Allergen ControlTM Program exclusively targets allergens for which recognised and authorised detection tests are commercially available.

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